The First English Group - Houdini Tool Development
Автор: Гаран
25.06.2014 00:22

Dear all,

we are pleased to introduce the first group of English in our program «Houdini Tool Development». It is going to start on 4th October. Houdini Тechnical Director specialization course is aimed at training Houdini specialists responsible for the technical side of the Pipeline in the studio. Using knowledge in various fields, solving all sorts of technical problems, programming tools, Technical Director is the link between technologies and artists.

The course analyzes a variety of issues: from the beginning of the development of an instrument, selection of the approach and the method to the features and subtleties in solving of various tasks. A lot of code, practical advice and a large amount of Python.

The course will be useful for:

  • - Those who want to work as technical specialists, engaged in Pipeline construction, instruments creation, technology development, etc.
  • - Houdini VFX artists, especially FX TD.
  • - All Houdini artists, who want to explore Python and improve the quality and productivity of their work

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